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21 March 2013 – Art Center, Brazil, printed 400 pizzas – quite literally.

The project, produced for Art Center’s own promotional campaign on an Inca Spyder 320 and Inca Onset S20, featured both an appetising topping printed directly on real pizza crust, the box, and even wraps for the delivery cars.

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Artwork Digital, Brazil produced a 3D board model of a gigantic toy train.

The model, which was printed on 16 mm Re-board® on a six-colour Inca Onset S20, was produced as an eye-catching display for Encontro Marcado com Fernando Sabino, an exhibition celebrating the life and work of the seminal Brazilian author.

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5th September 2011 – Inca Digital has doubled its Onset manufacturing volume at its Cambridge facility in the UK to meet a considerable boost in demand for this powerful series of UV flatbed wide-format digital inkjet printers.This follows the successful launch of the original Inca Onset in 2007, the Onset S20 in 2008 and high interest in the Onset S40 launched earlier this year.

The rise in the number of companies needing to invest in high-performance equipment to meet increased demand from their customers has resulted in a high volume of orders for Onsets over the last year from across Europe and the Americas.  In addition, many companies are now investing in second and third machines, either adding multiple S20s or adding an S20 or S40 alongside an Inca Onset as they start to switch to total digital print production and away from screen and large-format litho printing.

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The addition of an Inca Onset S20 digital inkjet printer opens up new markets for Euro PLV.

12th January 2011 – Euro PLV is a Limousin-based full-service POS design and production specialist with sales outlets all over France. Its new Onset S20 printer from Inca Digital arrived a few months ago and is already bringing the anticipated results. Sold by Fujifilm France, installation of the printer and on-site training were handled by the Inca Digital team from the UK.

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Inca Digital boosts Onset S20 production speed to reach 310 Sqm/Hr

23rd September 2010 – Inca Digital has increased the output of its wide format Inca Onset S20 flatbed printer to 310 sqm/hr. The Onset S20 has undergone two speed upgrades since its launch last year to give an overall 24 per cent performance boost: new automation introduced in June gave the first improvement, while the new print mode announced today adds a further 15per cent.

While this new faster print mode may not be suitable for the most demanding images, tests have shown that it will be suitable for a variety of everyday files. The printer’s new high-speed mode enables users to print high-volume graphics at 310 sqm/hr, equivalent to 62 full beds per hour. This mode has been introduced in response to users’ requirements for even higher levels of ultra-fast display graphics production.

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