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New auto inking, print impression and liner and cross camera registration system (AIIR) controlled by AVT

Hampshire, UK – 16 May 2016 – Edale today announce their latest innovation in flexographic print: AIIR – fully automated inking and print impression and camera controlled liner and cross registration. 

Edale have teamed up with press control system specialist AVT to integrate their camera based technology into the Edale range of FL3 and FL5 flexographic presses, guaranteeing an optimal level of registration not seen before in single pass printing.  Bespoke software developed in-house ensures that 5 additional motors, individually positioned on each print station adjust the print impression, inking and cross register to ensure the highest print quality.  AIIR is available as standard on all new Edale FL5 presses and can be purchased as an optional extra on the FL3 press. Read the rest of this entry »